Origami Conical Filters

Origami Conical Filters: Pure, Precise, and Perfectly Crafted

Origami Conical Filters are meticulously designed to complement the Origami Dripper, ensuring each cup of coffee is as flawless in taste as it is in presentation. Crafted for purity and precision, these filters are the ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who value clarity and quality in every brew.

Key Features:

- Chemical-Free Paper: Made from refined pulp, these filters are completely free of chemicals and dyes, preserving the natural taste and quality of your coffee. Each brew is a testament to purity, with no unwanted flavors.

- Sustainably Sourced: Embracing environmental responsibility, the filters are sustainably sourced, aligning with the values of conscious coffee drinkers.

- Optimal Design for Even Extraction: The unique design of the filters works in tandem with the Origami Dripper's folded structure. This combination allows for even distribution of coffee grounds and optimal water spread, ensuring a uniform extraction of flavors.

- Enhanced Airflow for Flavorful Coffee: The flat sides of the filters enhance airflow during brewing, complementing the Origami Dripper's design. This results in a brewing environment that extracts the maximum flavor from your coffee beans.

- Versatile Compatibility: While these filters are created for the Origami Dripper, they are also compatible with V60 drippers and other cone-shaped coffee makers like Hario and Chemex.

- Efficient Brewing Experience: The refined paper allows water to pass through quickly, reducing brewing time without compromising on taste. Enjoy your coffee hotter and sooner, without any sediment.

- Generous Quantity: Each pack contains 100 high-quality cone-shaped filters, ensuring you have a plentiful supply for your daily coffee ritual.

- Made in Japan: Proudly produced in Japan, these filters reflect a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

- Designed for Excellence: These filters are not just accessories; they are an integral part of achieving a smooth, clean cup of coffee. Developed in conjunction with the Origami Dripper, they are essential for anyone seeking the perfect brew.

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