Fellow Stovetop Kettle

Fellow Stovetop Kettle: The Art of Pour Over, Perfected

The Fellow Stovetop Kettle is an emblem of functionality and elegance, designed to elevate your pour-over experience to new heights. This kettle is not just a tool; it's a part of your coffee journey, ensuring every pour is as precise as it is enjoyable.

Key Features:

- Precision Pour Spout: Stagg's precision pour spout is meticulously designed for an optimal pour-over flow rate. This allows for an intuitive, steady pour, making it ideal for achieving the perfect brew.

- Built-in Brew Range Thermometer: Keep track of the ideal brewing temperature with the integrated thermometer. The red range on the dial indicates the optimal brew temperature between 195°F to 205°F, taking the guesswork out of your brewing process.

- Counterbalanced Handle: The weighted handle of the Stagg Kettle is thoughtfully designed to move the center of mass back towards your hand. This ensures a comfortable, even pour pace, enhancing control and stability.

- 1 Liter Capacity: Perfect for personal use or entertaining guests, the kettle's 1-liter capacity is just the right size for most brewing needs.

- Functional and Aesthetic Design: A beautifully functional design not only makes your brewing process more efficient but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The kettle's sleek appearance is as pleasing to the eye as it is to use.

- Cafe Tested, Brewer Approved: Used in our own cafe for pour-overs, this kettle has been tested and loved by coffee professionals, ensuring its reliability and excellence in performance.

- Unplugged Brewing Experience: The perfect pour-over kettle for those who appreciate the unplugged, manual brewing method. It’s all about the art of crafting your coffee with precision and patience.

The Fellow Stovetop Kettle is more than just a kettle; it's a celebration of the pour-over ritual. It brings together precision, control, and timeless design to make every brewing experience memorable and enjoyable.

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